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Faiths Against Child Sexual Exploitation (FACES) is a volunteer-led partnership of Christian and Muslim faith leaders and active members of the respective communities strategically opposing child sexual exploitation (CSE). Our vision is to present a united voice against CSE and implement a proactive, victim-centred approach to challenging the exploitation of children and young people wherever it is happening. As partners, we honour and value the contributions that our respective faiths bring towards our work, and this is reflected through each stage of our projects including planning, consultation and delivery.

Our working group includes representatives from Luton Council of Mosques, Youthscape, Luton Sunni Council of Mosques, Churches Together, Lantern, St Mary’s Centre for Peace and Reconciliation, Discover Islam, Azalea and Inspire FM. Read more about them on our website.

What we do

FACES strengthens resilience within faith communities and protects children by enhancing awareness and understanding of CSE and equipping faith organisations, parents and young people to better prevent, recognise and respond to CSE.

Our work helps build cohesion between faith communities through interfaith events and activities that develop understanding and meaningful relationships and partnerships by recognising a common concern and cause for action.

In the past 18 months we have hosted two conferences, delivered training to over 200 faith leaders across the UK and began piloting a programme for young people locally. This year we will be hosting another conference, expanding our training and delivering our Teen Programme in schools, Mosques and Churches. Read more about our projects here.

How your support can help

We rely on donations, grants and in-kind support to continue our projects and all donations will help us equip faith communities to better protect children in Luton. Donations will go towards continuing all of our projects, and may be used to develop and produce faith-literate resources for young people, youth workers and faith leaders, facilitate youth programmes and training sessions, or host our 2019 conference.

More about FACES

We acknowledge and reject the distorted suggestions that sexual exploitation is legitimised by religion and recognise that national stories portray cases in this disturbed way that particularly attack Muslim communities and Christian communities.

Research shows that victims and perpetrators of abuse are found in many different contexts yet media coverage has often ignored the breadth of the problem, choosing instead to fuel a narrow stereotype. The failure to challenge this is a disservice to the survivors of CSE and risks allowing fear to divide and damage our communities.

FACES acknowledges that faith communities have a critical role in addressing CSE and is committed to ensuring faith organisations are better equipped to prevent and respond to child sexual exploitation.

Other support

If you'd like to support us or get involved in other ways, contact us at [email protected]

All funds raised will be passed to Hope Church Luton Trust irrespective of whether our appeal target is reached, not reached or exceeded. If funds are being raised for a specific purpose and, for whatever reason, this purpose is no longer valid, the funds will be transferred to the charity for general use.

The charity

Hope Church is more than just a Sunday meeting – we are a group of people who want to serve the people of Luton – regardless of race or religion. We believe the Bible is still relevant today, that God cares about people and that without encountering Jesus life is hopeless!

Our mission is to demonstrate that God cares in all sorts of ways – including creating a Community Centre, being a positive message of hope in our society, seeing people’s lives practically changed, as well as showing people that God can still powerfully impact their lives for the better. Wondering how a church could help? Interested in joining our family? Please look through our website, contact or visit us.

Community Projects

Hope Church has a vision to practically serve Luton by working with local community groups as well as through our own projects. We use our building, the Hope Church Centre as a community centre for many different initiatives that help people in a number of different ways. You can support some of our projects through our fundraising appeals and find out more about them on their appeal pages.

Registered charity (no. 1133954).

Find out more about Hope Church Luton Trust

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