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About Animal Friends of Turkey (AFOT)

Animal Friends of Turkey is a UK registered charity set up with the express aim of rescuing abused and abandoned animals from the streets of Turkey and finding them forever homes in the UK.

The charity was formed in May 2018 and in our first year alone we managed to successfully rehome more than 50 such animals.

Our aim is to at least double this number in our second year but this can only happen if we continue to get the active and generous support of so many animal lovers and supporters of our work.

Each successful rehoming costs the charity an average of £1,000 per animal to cover veterinary fees, foster and kennel care and transportation to the UK. We do not charge those adopting our animals any fees although we request a donation of £300 towards our costs if at all possible. Our work does not come cheaply.

This why we need the help of people like you - people who do all kinds of crazy things to earn sponsorship money for our cause. And equally important are all those who support our fundraisers by parting with hard earned money to sponsor them.

We thank you for your support and so do all those animals who are hoping to find happiness in new loving forever homes in the UK.

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Current fundraising pages

Help Holly and Ivy

Meet Holly and Ivy. They will be joining our family in May with Deans Mum and Dad after a cruel start in Turkey. As you may be aware the cost of transporting a dog to the UK is over a thousand pounds each, and adopters are only required to pay a small donation. The charity AFOT cover the rest but they run completely on donations. So I am raising some funds to help them continue.
Holly and Ivy's story began when these beautiful babies were cruelly abandoned💔 a mummy with her pups. One day the owners just left and never came back leaving them to fend for themselves. Fortunately caring people stepped in to help
making sure they had food & water daily.
Homes were found for 2 of the pups but this little one wasn’t so lucky, the only option for mummy and puppy was the shelter😞.In Turkey the shelter is no place for a small dog or a puppy so a lovely volunteer stepped in as she couldn't bear thought of this so near Christmas. They remain in foster care with her and are doing well.Shortly after AFOT offered to help them.
Well some amazing news they have been adopted together❤️ and will be traveling to their forever home in early May to join Deans mum and Dad. It is so lovely that they are able to stay together🌺
the bond they have is truly beautiful to see❤️.
However the cost of transporting two dogs is a big commitment for AFOT despite donations... So i am trying to help a little. You can read more about AFOT below and if you would like to help by adopting or fostering please get in touch via their page.

Tracy Corbett

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Eric a rescue in Turkey

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Puppy Eric has been passed from pillar to postYoung rescue puppy Eric has seen nothing but change in his few short months.Ever since birth he has been passed from pillar to post until he came on to the radar of Animal Friends of Turkey.AFOT first became aware of him after he was dumped in the shelter by a family that was no longer prepared to care for him.We took him out of there and put him temporarily in kennels while we looked to find him a foster home where he could be looked after better.We were fortunate enough to find a lovely lady who took him into her home in Izmir and he was happy there for a while.Unfortunately her circumstances changed meaning she could no longer keep him so she helped us find another foster home in Dalyan. This is where he is now and for now he appears to have some stability.Gorgeous rescue puppy Eric looks small but is medium in sizeSince then we have been working on preparing him for his transport to the UK and we are delighted that he now looks set to start a new life with a new family.Eric is around nine months old and is totally gorgeous.He looks very small in these photographs but in reality he is a medium sized dog.Eric has been neutered .He is fine with other dogs as well as cats, and is also very good with children.Eric will be ready to travel to the UK to his new home in around September of this year when he will be around 13 months old.

Susan Cato

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Current appeals

Help save Noah's leg from amputation

<p>Seven-month-old rescue pup Noah lives in a world of pain.</p><p>The sad little boy suffered multiple fractures to his front leg when he was just 10 weeks old.</p><p>The leg was left to mend by itself and while the fractures have healed they did so out of alignment.</p><p>This is causing him immense pain and when we sought specialist veterinary help in Turkey the advice we had was that the only remedy for him would be amputation.</p><p>AFOT refused to accept this was the only the option for such a young pup, and so we took his x-rays to an orthopeadic vet in England and asked for a second opinion.</p><p>His verdict was that there is every chance that something can be done to save his leg and so we are arranging to transport Noah to the UK just before Christmas.</p><p>He will be taken into foster care by AFOT Trustee and Committee member Andy Gough where he will join him, his wife Jane and their Turkish rescue dog Dolly in Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk.</p><p>And local Suffolk vet Duncan Hole has offered to perform the surgery for AFOT at a reduced charity rate.</p><p>However, the cost of the procedure is still likely to be expensive and so we are urgently seeking help to raise enough funds to save Noah's leg.</p><p>We will not know the precise cost until Noah is given a full physical examination after his arrival in Suffolk. However, we are setting an initial appeal target of £1250 in the hope of generating funds to enable the surgery to go ahead when he arrives.</p><p>Dogs can operate on three legs but this can often lead to complications later in life. Besides if there is a chance of saving Noah's leg then we at AFOT want to do everything we can to give him the chance of living a full, healthy and pain-free life on all four legs. He deserves nothing less.</p><p>Please help us - your donations are so important for this poor sad young pup.</p>

Help us to save sweet Jenny condemned for getting pregnant

<p>This is Jenny the sweet innocent girl dumped and abandoned in a remote picnic area with no food and no-one to care for her.</p><p>And all for the crime of getting pregnant.</p><p>We are desperate to help her and the four pups she is carrying find a safe and happy future but to do so will cost money - the one thing we are short of given the growing number of dogs we are trying to help right now.</p><p>So please if you can find it in your heart to make a donation to help her and her pups we would be forever grateful.&nbsp;Every donation counts however large or small.</p><p>This beautiful dog was clearly someone’s pet as she shows all the signs of being cared for and well fed.</p><p>She is now around one years old and left un-neutered. Nature took its course and lo and behold she found herself pregnant much to the inconvenience of her owners.</p><p>Their response was to drive her out to a remote picnic area and dump her there in the car park when no-one was looking.</p><p>Jenny was left bewildered and confused and she just stayed rooted to the spot to wait and wait for their return.&nbsp;It was a forlorn wait.</p><p>The picnic area is fairly busy in Summer months but in winter there were very few people around.&nbsp;It was just lucky for Jenny that AFOT committee member Sue Cato was to happen by there and saw her in her obvious distress.</p><p>She kept a close eye on her and immediately put out an appeal across the usual Fethiye social media channels in an effort to track down her owners bringing no response.</p><p>Sue went back regularly to keep her watered and fed until it was obvious that AFOT needed to step in.&nbsp;</p><p>We did Jenny is now in temporary foster care with Mollie Vann, another AFOT committee member in Turkey.&nbsp;She will be safe there in her garden until a more suitable foster home can be found for her.</p><p>A scan shows she is carrying four pups and she will stay with Mollie until they are delivered.&nbsp;We will have to care for these pups until they are ready and we will obviously have to find good homes for them.</p><p>We will also take care of Jenny and we will attempt to find her a good home in the UK.&nbsp;Indeed we believe we may have already found one.</p><p>All this will take time and funds – please help if you can.</p>

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