Fees and charges

The Wonderful Organisation is heavily focused on transparency for its users. This includes being clear about the rights of donors, fundraisers and charities as well as communicating how we operate a genuinely fee-free fundraising site. Our service only exists because of the support of corporate sponsors (Wonderful Partners), who generously contribute financially and in other ways so that every donation made to a charity can be passed on to that charity in full. They allow us to cover the cost of all transaction fees and any other charges which might be associated with donations. Wonderful is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, incorporated in England and Wales, and our registered number is 09818383.

Hypothetical donation

The following hypothetical donation illustrates how much is passed to charities via Wonderful. This applies to all donations made via our platform:

Donation amount: £10

Gift Aid amount: £2.50 (Claimed back by the charity on eligible donations)

Administration fee: £0

Net donation: £10

Total received by charity: £12.50 (including Gift Aid) 

Costs to charities or fundraisers

Set up costs: £0

Cost per month: £0

Interest arrangements

Any interest accumulated between the point at which a donation is taken on behalf of a charity and the point at which those funds are transferred to the charity is reabsorbed by Wonderful to cover its own running costs.

If you have any questions about Wonderful’s fee-free model, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the Helpdesk. Other useful links include our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and FAQ.

Donors covering fees

Because Wonderful does not have any fees of charges, there is no need for donors themselves to cover any costs. 

Stay informed

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