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A random act of kindness for the Elderly, Vulnerable, Isolated & Homeless

Eating with others is a very social thing to you and many folk don't have the opportunity - they may live alone, be too nervous to go into a cafe on their own, or be homeless. This scheme is to give those people the chance and the choice of eating with others thereby reducing their sense of isolation or loneliness.

How it works 

Eating with others is a very social thing to you but there are many folk that don't have the opportunity - they may live alone, be too nervous to go into a café on their own, or be homeless. This scheme is to give those people the chance and the choice of eating with others thereby reducing their sense of isolation or loneliness.

So how does it work?

Donations are used to purchase Meal Cards (£5 per card) through the CCP and the cards are distributed to agencies that are supporting the elderly, isolated and vulnerable. Many Christchurch cafes support the initiative, accepting the meal card in their cafes in exchange for a meal. This gives the recipient the freedom and dignity to chose where, when and with whom they share a meal.

The Gift of A Meal aims to:

- Reduce social isolation and loneliness by bringing together those in need of company to share a meal together

- Provide a hot meal to a homeless or vulnerable person in need.

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All funds raised will be passed to the charity irrespective of whether my target is reached, not reached or exceeded.


Christchurch Community Partnership

Registered as a charity in 2001, Christchurch Community Partnership delivers a portfolio of mutually supportive services with the intention of alleviating ‘social isolation’ in the community:

Transport Service. The CCP operates 2 minibuses (10 drivers / 4 bus buddies) that support twice a week shopping trips, transport to a once a week lunch function and a variety of excursions. A unique aspect of this service is the bus buddy assists the client to and from the bus from their front door and will also carry their shopping back into the house; clients are asked to give a donation.

Another strand to this service is the 7 volunteer drivers who use their own vehicles to transport residents, primarily for medical, legal or financial appointments. This is also a unique service in that the driver waits for the client or even accompanies them, and after the appointment returns them to their home door. The clients donate a sum based on the total distance and the driver receives a mileage payment.

Both aspects of this service are coordinated by a team of volunteers working from the CCP offices.

Christchurch Angels. A short-term befriending and wholly volunteer service, designed to assist the socially isolated to reconnect with their community, the Angels offer one-to-one support for up to 12 weeks. The service has assisted in excess of 600 clients since its inception in 2014; most referrals are from GPs’ surgeries and social services. On average, at any one time, it has 25-30 active volunteers supporting a similar number of clients Referrals that do not fit the CCP terms of reference are signposted to more appropriate organisations.

The ‘Helpful Neighbour’ service is now fully embedded with the Angels. Clients with small tasks that are beyond their capabilities to do safely, ask for assistance, and volunteers with the appropriate skill set are provided to assist. Clients are asked to make a donation.

Meal Cards. Donations are made to fund £5 meal cards, which are then distributed to partner organisations tackling social isolation and homelessness. These can then be exchanged for a meal at one of 7 supporting cafes. The cards are then bought back from the café.

Christchurch Dementia Friendly Community Alliance (CDFCA). The Alliance came under the CCP auspices in Jun 19. Together with other stakeholders, partners, businesses and community groups across the BH23 area, the aim is to provide support for people living with Dementia and their carers. The Alliance was awarded the Alzheimer’s Society accreditation in Oct 19 as ‘Working to Become a Dementia Friendly Community’.

Christchurch has circa 1,000 people living with Dementia. Raising awareness and understanding the challenges faced by those living with dementia and their carers is a top priority and awareness sessions form a big part of the programme. These sessions are delivered across all sectors and organisations, including schools. The aim is to make the business community and other organisations dementia friendly and inspire much more support.  

The CCP mission is to alleviate ‘social isolation’ and therefore improve ‘health and well-being’ by striving to both support and reintegrate those affected back into the community.

In realising this mission, the CCP will:

·  Focus its activities in Christchurch (BH23) area;

·  Work alongside and in partnership with other organisations across the local community, including statutory, voluntary, business and faith sectors;

·  Develop and sustain the Christchurch (BH23) area as a ‘Dementia Friendly Community’;

·  Deliver services that are coherent and mutually inclusive, with beneficial outcomes that aim to reduce ‘social isolation’;

·  Address social isolation across the adult age demographic.

Working in Partnership to alleviate Social Isolation

Always in need of funds the CCP revenue cost are circa £20,000 / annum - please donate all you can for an organisation that is making a difference.

Registered Charity Number: 1149162.

Find out more about Christchurch Community Partnership

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