You don't fundraise for profit.
Nor do we.

...and because you give everything,
we take nothing.

What makes us wonderful?

In terms of maxing your cash, you can't beat It doesn't charge any service or processing fees to the charities, meaning 100% of your donation goes directly to doing good. ~ Money Saving Expert

  Coming soon

*We're putting the finishing touches to our new site and our fee-free platform will be accepting new fundraisers shortly. When we re-open, ALL donations will be processed using direct bank transfer supported by Open Banking. To enable this, we are very excited to announce the creation of Wonderful Payments. If your charity was previously registered, we are sorry to have to ask you to re-register, but FCA requirements for Open Banking make this mandatory.

As ever, there will be NO charge to charities, fundraisers or donors for donations processed through, with all costs covered by our corporate sponsor and main partner, WHYPAY?, and by using Open Banking to process payments, we are able to save our main partner 90% in transaction fees - which allows us to extend our reach and impact for our wonderful charities.