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Lisa's literal leap of faith! Skydiving for Mind

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Lisa’s story

I've been trying to encourage myself to do more out of my comfort zone and on my own to grow my sense of independence, but most importantly, to improve my mental health. For a multitude of reasons, I was spending more and more time at home, sometimes not leaving the house for up to a week at a time. I wouldn't have a reason to get dressed for days, I wouldn't see anyone for days, sometimes not even opening my mouth to speak for hours at a time. My world was getting ever smaller and soon I was becoming afraid to leave the house on my own or even answer the door for the post. The thought of taking my dog for a walk, stepping outside, would fill me with an intense anxiety and completely overwhelm me, I just couldn't do it. Being around people was getting harder and harder and all I wanted to do was to be at home, safe where nothing could happen to me. It was when I was cowering in the stairwell, praying for Mike to stop barking and the person ringing the doorbell to go away, that I knew something had to change. I didn't want to be that person. It started small with walking to the local shop to get some milk on my own, going and getting a coffee on my own, taking my dog out for quick walks on my own, committing to doing a weekly pub quiz with friends, a weight loss programme with a friend, seeing family and friends more often, and has since lead to me having the confidence to say yes to more that life has to offer. I have travelled around London on the tube all on my own seeing the things I wanted to see, I have had my very first audition for a play (it turned out to be a musical...and, need to be able to sing for those things..! But I didn't run away, I sang my heart out to the poor people that had to hear it, and had so much fun in the process), and now I have booked a skydive. It was while reading a book, The Guilty Feminist by Deborah Frances-White, for those interested, in which she said she's just done a skydive, and I thought, I've always wanted to do one of why don't I?? I put the book down booked it there and then! I think this goes some way to explaining why I have chosen Mind as my charity to support. There are so many people out there that need help and support with their mental wellbeing, and I for one am happy to know that they are there should I take another turn for worse. There is help out there, we all just have to be brave enough to ask for it when we need it. I have also chosen as my giving page of choice as 100% of what is donated will go to the charity, as I believe it should. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and if you are able to donate I would be so very grateful for whatever amount you could give. As I said, 100% will go directly to the charity Mind, and if you tick to gift aid, then they'll get even more! Love to you all, Lisa x

P.s. Photo by Maria Fernanda Gonzalez on Unsplash

All funds raised will be passed to the charity irrespective of whether my target is reached, not reached or exceeded.



1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem. With your help, we can help people like Laura:

'Mind brought me back from the edge. Without them, I don't know how I would've found a way out. They helped me change the course of my life.'

We believe no-one should have to face a mental health problem alone and without your generosity we would not be able to provide people with the vital information and support that can change their lives for the better. Your support will help us improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding of mental health issues.

Last year:

  • Our network of over 140 local Minds supported 375,000 people, through services such as counselling and back to work mentoring.
  • 65,000 queries were answered by our Helplines;
  • 460,000 free information booklets distributed through our local Minds and charity shops;
  • 10.7 million visited our website; and
  • 27,000 people received support through our online community Elefriends, with 80% feeling more supported since joining.

However there is still so much more that we need to do.

Registered Charity Number: 219830.

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