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FPZ’s story

Meet Victor, he's now finishing his final year at nursing college thanks to your donations.

How did this happen?

Kate and Mick James have had a long standing association with Ngoli village in Northern Zambia and have been able to partner with the charity FPZ to provide funds so that children from the village school can go onto High School and then, if they are good enough, to College.

Ngoli is a rural village 50km north of Kasama in Zambia's Northern Province. There are around 15 people, in a village of thousands, who receive a wage (these are the teachers and the health centre workers) while the rest are subsistence farmers earning less than £100 a year from the sale of their surplus.

Education is just about the only way that children from rural areas can break out of the poverty trap and often they go onto become teachers, nurses and technicians who help improve the social capital of the country. Please support these children to be able to get on in life.

More about the Project

It costs about £420 to send a  child to High School for a year and about £1000 to send a child to a nursing college for a year. Your donation will have a huge impact on these children's lives. 

We have teamed up with a fantastic UK charity called FPZ to support this village. In turn FPZ have teamed up with a US based charity ZSF who are already operating in the local town of Kasama and who have already managed to sponsor around 200 children through their educational journey.

Kate and Mick have met the ZSF Board of Directors in Kasama and we are delighted that they will help us to deliver the funds to the children on the ground. You can find more details of the charities here:



As of Feb 2020 we have 20 children who have been involved in the project:

2 Training as Doctors at Lusaka Medical School

6 At secondary school

4 Waiting for places at Nursing College

1 Waiting for re-sits 

4 At nursing college

3 students will graduate this summer - one will qualify as a teacher and two will qualify as male nurses.

These students are almost certainly guaranteed a job at the end of their studies. This will be life changing for them and their families.

Your donations have made this possible and we wish the students every success.

All funds raised will be passed to the charity irrespective of whether my target is reached, not reached or exceeded.


Fighting Poverty in Zambia


Our Aims:

Fighting Poverty in Zambia (FPZ) was established as a Charitable Trust in 2009, managed by a board of volunteer Trustees with the following aims:


  • To implement new sustainable, long-term projects or provide support for existing projects, in rural communities in Zambia.


  • To assist in the provision of education, training and healthcare projects to enable rural communities to generate sustainable incomes and to be self-sufficient.


  • To prevent poverty in Zambia by providing grants and services to rural communities in need and/or other charities or organisations working with similar aims.

How we achieve our aims and spend your money:



  • We set out to deliver all of your money to the people who need it most. Our Board are all volunteers and the charity’s only costs are bank and web hosting charges.


  • Please note our charity accounts show FPZ holding cash reserves. We do this because we believe in investing in people for the long term. As a result, when a Secondary School scholarship student starts in our program we commit to helping them for their entire (potentially 8 year) educational journey. The first year at Secondary School costs £420, but, for example, the entire journey to educate a student to become a qualified nurse costs around £7,600.

Registered Charity Number: 1136225.

Find out more about Fighting Poverty in Zambia

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