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Royal Parks Half Marathon for Invest in ME Research

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Claire’s story

I am delighted to have this opportunity to support Invest in M.E. Research charity, whose main objective is to facilitate funding for high quality biomedical research into M.E./CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) as this is so very desperately needed! As you know our beautiful Amy is still fighting this devastating illness and although we have been lucky enough to have made improvements to her environment, she is still extremely limited in how she is able to live her life, every day. Understanding, help, education and awareness for Amy, for us, and for every person and family living with this terrible illness is still so very desperately needed, and severely lacking. Any amount donated is so so gratefully received. Thank you so much!!!

The truth is, "we" (parents, people, doctors, scientists, biochemists, psychologists, neurologists, experts & specialists) still 'don't know' what causes M.E., what to do, or how to treat it. We are still in the dark. Until we do know, millions of lives are on hold. This is why Research is urgently needed.💙

All funds raised will be passed to the charity irrespective of whether my target is reached, not reached or exceeded.


Invest in ME Research

Invest in ME Research is an independent UK charity finding, funding and facilitating a strategy of biomedical research into Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME or ME/CFS) and promoting better education about ME in order to raise awareness of the effects of the disease on patients and families.

Invest in ME Research is run by volunteers - patients or parents of children with ME - with no paid staff.

Overheads are kept to a minimum to enable all funds raised to go to promoting education of, and facilitating and funding biomedical research into, ME.

The charity believes that biomedical research into ME is crucial in order to make progress in treating this disease. We also believe that education of healthcare staff, the media, government departments, patient groups and patients is to be a priority.

We are a small charity but with supporters who have big hearts - and a determination to get the best possible research to be carried out to find the cause of ME and develop treatments.

We have links nationwide and also internationally.

Invest in ME Research is a founder member of the European ME Alliance (EMEA), a collaboration of European national charities and organisations.

The charity was also responsible for initiating the European ME Research Group (EMERG) concept, a collaboration of European researchers from major institutes.

Recently, the charity was has initiated the European ME Clinicians Council (EMECC), a network of European clinicians who will work together and share experiences of treating ME in order to establish better standards for patient care.

The charity does not receive, and has never received funding from government or government organisations.

We believe that we need a national strategy of biomedical research into ME to produce treatments and cures for this illness.

We have always believed that the seriousness of the situation regarding ME makes it necessary for "ring-fenced" funding for biomedical research into ME to be allocated (as was provided for HIV/AIDS) in order to address the need for development of diagnostic tests and remedial treatments. 

However, the charity does not believe in merely asking for funding - the charity has pursued of policy of raising funds itself for biomedical research in order to fund research at top UK institutes.

Together with the Let's Do It For ME campaign we are on our way to raising £1 million for biomedical research.

We currently fund research at Quadram Institute Bioscience/University of East Anglia as well as influencing collaboration elsewhere, in UK, Europe and beyond.

The charity organises annual international research Colloquiums and conferences that regularly attract delegates from over 20 countries.

Our international conferences and colloquiums were organised from the beginning in order to provide a platform for research and a means of facilitating education about ME. They have now become a major factor in facilitating and enhancing international collaboration between researchers.

In order to bring the best education and research to bear on ME and to find and facilitate the best strategy of research into this disease the charity welcomes support for our work.

Our aim is to fund and facilitate research in order to establish an understanding of the aetiology, pathogenesis and epidemiology of ME.

We hope this will lead to the development of biomarker(s) that can confirm the presence of ME and, subsequently, medical treatments to cure or alleviate the effects of the disease.

Our efforts are focused on setting up a UK/European Centre of Excellence for ME which will provide a European hub providing correct examinations and diagnosis for ME patients and a coordinated strategy of high-quality biomedical research into ME.

Registered Charity Number: 1153730.

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