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Flooded Kerala need your Generous Help

Kerala, one of the Southern states of India is affected with flood due to heavy rain fall. Kerala floods were a result of the usually severe amount of southwest monsoon rains. 35 out of 39 reservoirs in the state were opened for the first time in history and all five gates of the Idukki Dam were opened at the same time for the first time. Heavy rain in Wayanad has left the hilly district isolated. Districts, Ernakulam and Alappuzha is covered with water about 70%.Over 400 people died since 29th
May as per the chief minister of Kerala. Out of these numbers 200 were dead in past 5 days due to heavy rainfall and over 215 landslides. The numbers are raising every moment. Over 300,000 people are moved to more than 2400 shelters across the state. The reports state, over 10,000 kms of roads were destroyed. About 30,000 houses were damaged or completely destroyed.To put this in perspective why all this is happening in Kerala is because, even in ‘normal’ years, my state gets the highest amount of rainfall among the major states in India. The average annual normal rainfall for Kerala is nearly 3000 millimetres – 2924.3 mm, to be exact. By contrast, neighbouring Tamil Nadu gets 912.4 mm rainfall. Karnataka gets 1147.1 mm, Andhra Pradesh 890 mm, Telangana 942.6 mm and even compared to UK, which receives 885mm.The normal rainfall in this period should have been 1606.5 mm. But this year, from 1 June (the onset of the South-West monsoon in India) to 16 August 2018, Kerala has received excess rainfall of 30-40% (varying with districts). As expected, many districts has seen many landslips and casualties.The shutters of 35 out of 39 dams in Kerala have been opened to release water, letting through a minimum of 0.75 million litres of water/sec from major dams. A red alert has been issued in all 14 districts and hundreds of thousands of people are living in relief camps. More people are being evacuated from their homes as the torrential rains haven’t stopped. Cochin International Airport has been closed till 26th August due to the floods. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their homes, livestock, properties and lands, literally everything they had.Reports on mediaBBC : News : : of India Live Update :

Need of the hourPeople are being evacuated by the help of over 100 units of Army, Navy, Central Disaster Management, Local Government Services, and lay people. As the water is not been reduced, the lives of people are in danger.
As a second phase support, we need to help the people sheltered with food, clothes, medicine, water, toiletries, sanitary napkins, and all other necessary items.
Once they are in a process of return to their houses, as expected more than 30,000 houses are either destroyed or damaged. They need help to do this as their agricultural income has completely loss, their live stock all gone, were not able to do any jobs for past couple of weeks.It is a time for us to extend our generous hand to work on this. More than 3000 volunteers of Hospital Ministries India, True Light Ministries India and other organizations will extend their hands to work on this situation as they do now on this first phase.

ReliefWorker Fund

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An independent Isle of Wight charity using the arts to improve wellbeing, quality of life and to reduce social isolation, since 1987.Through our work with older people, we address the main issues faced by our ageing community (the Isle of Wight, for example, has the largest percentage of people with dementia in the country).We have vast experience of delivering a wide range of arts activities. Through our Workshops for Wellbeing programme, we deliver creative work in residential homes and other centres across the Isle of Wight.Our funded projects allow us to seek new ways to reach people in the community through engagement in the arts and creative activity.We are keen to develop new arts projects that develop people’s wellbeing, quality of life and transferable skills. Our creative activities are designed to improve confidence, self-esteem and motivation, and give people a chance to have fun and socialise.For more information visit our

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