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Kev vs Mountain

Over the past year I have become a bit partial to a jaunt up a mountain. So I am taking it up a notch and doing the Rat Race Man vs Mountain. 22 miles running up (and down) Snowdon. I haven't run for longer than 20 minutes since the Great North run 15 years ago so I am excited to see how this goes. I keep changing my mind about doing the whole fundraising thing so I have compromised.I am supporting two charities; Mind who support those facing mental helath problems and Barnabus who provide invaluable support for the homeless in Manchester. I would love your help supporting them by doing one or more of the following:A) Sponsor me to help keep their great work going. Barnabus don't seem to be registered on any fundraising sites so the money on this site will go to Mind and I will match the total and give that value to Barnabus. I am well known for my frugality so if knowing every penny you give means I have to match it is not enough motivation I don't know what is.B) Support the homeless in your community by speaking to them, buying them some food or a hot drink, contacting a local charity if you are concerned about someone or even just smile at them. I will be honest alot of the time I don't know what to do but there is some guidance at the links below: Support someone who is struggling mentally by being on hand to listen to them, give them a distraction from the weight on their shoulders or even support yourself and seek help if you are struggling. Anyone who says that they havent struggled mentally from time to time is fibbing its just some people take on more than most. The link below offers more ways to help you do any of the suggestions you are one of the good ones and karma has a way of paying you back :)Thank You!

Kev Clark

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Our appealJudge Brenda: Equal to EverythingThe life and career of Lady Hale, the most senior judge in the United Kingdom, is to be the subject of a beautifully illustrated children’s book, to be published by LAG. The book will aim to inspire primary school children with the story of a girl brought up in the North Yorkshire countryside who went on to become president of the Supreme Court, highlighting some of her achievements along the way.As the first female law commissioner, Brenda was the driving force behind the Children Act 1989, and as a judge she has been responsible for many judgments that have transformed the law. The book will not only be an inspirational story of Lady Hale’s achievements but will also introduce children to the legal system, the concept of equal access to justice, the importance of the rule of law and how it affects us all.Baroness Hale says:“It’s been an amazing life and I’m thrilled at the idea of making it into a picture book to entertain and inspire young people”The book is to be funded through donations and published in 2019, one hundred years after women were first permitted to be lawyers.See the animated trailer here: the projectWe need to raise a minimum of £25,000 to cover creation and production costs. Any money donated will go towards the project. If we raise more than is needed for the project or are unable to complete it for any reason, funds will go towards LAG’s charitable work campaigning for greater access to justice and providing resources to improve legal advice and support.The creative teamHenny Beaumont Henny is a London-based artist/ illustrator. She has an MA in fine art and printmaking from Camberwell College of Art. She regularly lectures and is a freelance political cartoonist for The Canary. She has produced illustrations for the BBC. Her first graphic memoir, Hole in the Heart was published in 2016 by Myriad Editions. She contributed to The Inking Woman, an anthology of women in cartooning published in 2018 and Whip Zine, a magazine for women political cartoonists.Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi Rebecca is a writer and reporter whose work has been published by Lacuna magazine, The Guardian, New Statesman, and others. She edits Shine A Light on She has been shortlisted for the George Orwell Prize for Political Writing (twice) and the Georgina Henry Women in Journalism Prize.Afua Hirsch Afua Hirsch is a writer, broadcaster and former barrister. She is a columnist for The Guardian Newspaper, and a presenter on current affairs debate shows The Pledge on Sky News and Talk on CNN and a former Sky News and Guardian correspondent. Her bestselling book Brit(ish) was published by Jonathan Cape in February 2018 and is the winner of the Royal Society of Literature Jerwood Prize.About LAGLAG is a national charity committed to improving access to justice, particularly for the vulnerable and socially excluded. To meet these aims, LAG publishes a monthly journal, Legal Action, and authoritative yet accessible legal handbooks that are widely used by lawyers, advisers and voluntary organisations to provide advice and assistance to those in need.Find out more here at the LAG website.

Read more... Registered Charity Number: 265703

Vision Of Love

Vision of Love was started by a few individuals in 2016 with the aim of helping the poorest people in Sri Lanka in a number of different ways. The initial aim was to fund cataract operations for the poor however have now expanded to carry out many projects both in Sri Lanka and the UK. Current projects include:Healthcare - Pre-screening for medical camps for cataract operations and provision of daily essentials.Education - Providing tuition fees from Grade 6 to A Level and Education in Human Values programme for children and parents.Families - Supporting widows with children who work to provide the sole source of income.Homeless - Providing food to Faith Action every fortnight in the UKIf you would like further information about any projects or the charity itself, please email [email protected] of Love Registered Charity No. 1170595 

Read more... Registered Charity Number: 1170595

Cakes 4 Casualties

Cakes 4 Casualties started in 2009. Supporting our Wounded , Injured and Sick Military. to date Cakes 4 Casualties has accomplished 1068 visits to Hospitals, Rehabilitation Centres, and Invictus training camps throughout the UK.https://[email protected]

Read more... Registered Charity Number: 1154788
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